Monday, March 31, 2014

Water All Around Me

I have recently moved out of my home of 11 years and in the middle of a separation/divorce from my husband of 15 years.  Our 2 younger children live with him in our family home and my oldest 17 year old daughter live with his parents due to conflict between myself and her.

There seems to be a lot of water in my life.  At the family home the sealant in the master bedroom caused a leak that created mold and damaged the front of the house windows.  This week the toilet overran for 8 hours causing the dining room ceiling to collapse and the kitchen ceiling too.  Last week it rained for 5 straight days canceling my daughter's soccer practice and games, and the dishwasher clogged so bad it leaked water into the lower cabinets.

I'm staying positive about the construction needed on the house, the divorce and living on my own without the kids.  But I am trying to find a reason or meaning in this sudden outburst of water all around me.

Talitha, Libra 

Hello Talitha,

Thank you for writing in to me.  It seems there is a significant amount of change in your life.  I often suggest for one's going through major transitions to consider this point in your life an opportunity to learn and grow.  Often, we look at external circumstances (events, people, etc.) and focus energy on these external circumstances instead of what is within.  What is it that our soul wishes for us to achieve?  What is it our soul wishes for us to overcome?  You see, each of us are created with a natural set of gifts, but the yang of that is each of us are given natural challenges that we must work to overcome in our lifetime.  But for some reason, many find it easier to look outside instead of within. 

If you had to select one thing to fix other than the problems with your house, one thing about yourself - what would it be?

Perhaps you also may want to consider visiting the website and reading the related to relationship challenges.  Maybe you'll find some ideas that you can apply to help you work to improve the relationship with your daughter, if that is a path you wish to invest energy into.  The link is:

Our future path of destiny is yet to be determined.  There are multiple paths which exist for each one of us and it is our choices, big and small, that ultimately decide which path our future takes.  Define your destiny is as easy as applying the right energy to the right aspects of yourself.  And again, the answers are usually within.

Love and Light,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to Use Your Daily Libra Horoscope

Libra is ruled by the air sign and represents an inanimate symbol of the scales of justice. Just like their symbol, Libras are fair, unbiased, and they always find balance in their lives. They are organized, great at multitasking and in decision making. They know how to view complex situations and dissect them into what is important.

Libras on the dark side are considered as lazy people. As smart as they are, they refuse to take on responsibilities and would rather be backstage watching. They can be very stubborn and aggressive. Their temper can be quick to almost anything. They love to start an argument, and they will normally know how to win them. More so, they usually suppress their anger and let it fester for years. And when everything is at its boiling point, their anger becomes like a raging bull.

On a light note, Libras are very romantic. They love to shower their partner with gifts. They know how to pamper and work their magic to charm their lover. They are self-sacrificing, gentle, and respectful. They love their independence, but it will not hinder their commitment to their relationship. In fact, they make great marriage partners.

Acquiring your Libra personality reading can give a thorough glimpse of how a Libra behaves and thinks. It can be used to acquire spiritual guidance and spiritual growth to achieve the things Libra wants in their lives.  Checking your Daily Libra Horoscope and Libra personality reading every day gives you a powerful road map to what the universe wants you to follow.

Libra Relationship Compatibility Reading

Libra relationship compatibility reading can provide relationship tips between Libra and the other zodiac signs. If you are in a relationship now, it can shed light on how things are with your current relationship, and help you see past your partner's indifferences. The best match for Libra is with Aquarius, Gemini, and Aries. The zodiac signs they will have difficulty are with Pisces. Here's why:

Libra and Aquarius is a match made in heaven. Both know how to communicate with each other well. They have a common ground of respect, passion, and love. Likewise, they both have similar needs, both on an intellectual and emotional level. As decisive as they are, Aquarius can step up and help Libra figure out the decisions they have to face, which they normally avoid doing.

Libra and Gemini is a relationship that lingers more on the intellectual side. Gemini can stimulate Libra's need for mental agility, while Libra can entertain Gemini's mind. Both have a wide range of interests and love to pursue new things, making them inseparable.

Libra and Aries is a win-win love relationship. Despite their indifference, both zodiacs can give and take and learn from each other's views and ways of life. Libra can teach Aries to be laid back at times and take things at a slow pace, while Aries can teach Libra how to stand up for their decisions.

Libra and Pisces can be an offbeat love match. Pisces loves to linger in their world of fantasy, while Libra is more realistic. More so, Libra can be mentally manipulating and challenging for Pisces, while Pisces can be too emotional and clingy for a Libra. If both put effort into compromising and understanding each other, this relationship can have a good chance.

A Libra relationship compatibility reading is only a guide for Libra's relationships, but it does not wish to alter or dictate how they should run and handle what ever present romance they have with other zodiac signs.

How to Customize Your Daily Libra Horoscope

As the universe wills it, we have the power to change our lives. Altering how we think and reinforcing our attitudes can pave a way to a better you, to a greater Libra. Customizing your daily Libra horoscope is one simple way to direct yourself to change and ask help from the universe to guide you. It only takes a few minutes for you to do this. First, visit your daily Libra horoscope and read and understand them thoroughly. Next, cut and paste the portion you want to edit. See an example below. Remember, the ones on quotations would be your revisions.

Be in touch with your feelings, "and know how to be responsive to the needs of others." Keep things at a depth and be keenly receptive "and intuitive." Focus on your domestic security, "and your partnership," which is necessary for your emotional well-being. "Give importance to your family life as well, since it is as important."

By altering your daily horoscope, you get a better view of the things you personally think you have to improve on and how to attack them with an optimistic attitude. Doing this every day, can make your communication easy with the universe.

Jordan Canon

Spiritual Advisor

How To Overcome Libra Anger

Libras are ruled by the moon sign. They are represented by an inanimate object, the scales of justice. Just like their symbol, they are considered to be peace-loving people. They associate themselves with harmony and balance.

They are good communicators and are very logical individuals. Though, they may be laid back at times, you can see and feel how dedicated they are to making everything around them in balance. Their sensitivity can sometimes be off bound, but you will never feel any indifference. You will only sense if there is something wrong when they distance themselves from you. You will also find your Daily Libra Horoscope to be helpful in helping you overcome stressful days.

They always want to keep their composure and a sweet impression to others. This, however, gets them frustrated easily. Although they want to speak up, they would rather put on a fake smile and pretend nothing is wrong. But be careful, they will always find a way to get back at you.

They are very polite and responsive. They are great judges of character. And even though they are considered as social butterflies, they avoid fame and attention. They have numerous interests. They are artistic and talented, and they are never afraid to get what they want.

How Libras Are When Angered

Libras think they are very noble if they control their anger. Although, they love to argue, they would still be the first to give you their reconciliation. They are not hesitant to compromise on things, just as long everything is in harmonious order.

Even at the verge of their rage, they will hold back, think twice, and put up the sweetest poker face. They tend to take note of all the things they hate about the situation, and then mentally file them away to use against you later on. They have a very sharp memory. So, don't be surprised that when they finally confront their anger, you'll be hearing about all your mishaps even from a year ago.

Libras when mad can be like the steam in a pressure cooker. They have to let everything out; if not everyone who comes their way may be in great trouble. Libras have the tendency to bring ill not stop until you yield to what they want.

There are several things that can make a Libra burst into anger. Because of their sensitivity, anything can trigger them. They can be angry because of "good-faith" criticism, slight misbehavior, degrading words, stereotyping, and almost all petty kinds of things. Take note, they would be more angry if you treat them unfairly.

How To Overcome Libras' Anger

Unlike other zodiac signs, Libras when mad are not melodramatic. They can win their case over civilized conversations and sound arguments, but expect that they will pull out their arsenal on every little thing they hate about you. They have this magic over anyone using only simple logic, such as reverse psychology - for example, "I did the laundry yesterday, so you do the dishes today."

If you don't have a strong personality, chances are you will give way easily. Though considered to be very sensitive, ironically they are insensitive when they are mad. They can babble on about everything and anything from their messy thoughts, just to process all things out.

To be able to handle a Libra's rage, you must first have a thick skin. Be brave and take control of the situation. If you won't make them realize that they are now too much, they will continue with their rage all day.

All they need is a simple acknowledgement. If you did them wrong, apologize. It wouldn't hurt that much if you lower your pride. Then again, don't do this often. You can rest your piece first, talk about the issue, and then yield to what they want, or compromise. Libras can sometimes be spoiled brats. If you give in easily, they will abuse you and be complacent.

When in heated arguments, never match a Libra's anger. They will not listen to anyone, no matter how sound your opinion may be. Let them pour out all their anger.  Be patient. Be extra patient. It would even be best, if you give each other space. Then, you can come back to settle things in a much calmer manner. Take note, Libras hate too much drama, even if they stage theirs at you.

You would know if a Libra is at their boiling point. Remember, they always want to keep their composure, so, they will probably give you a warning sign first. Watch out for them, such as a shriek of their voice, or yells like, "Stop it," or "Enough!"

You have to understand that it's just Libra's nature to act this way when they are mad. Most of the time, they are not aware of what they are doing. So, when things get resolved, you must make a conscious effort to remind them not to keep their emotions bottled up. If you care about them enough, there are anger management exercises you can practice with them. Check out online for samples.

Libras are one of the most beautiful zodiac signs. They are passionate, diplomatic, charming, and naturally kind individuals. On the downside, however, they can be very temperamental. Knowing how to manage their anger and what ticks them off, can make your relationship with them, balanced and healthy. 

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tips For Being In A Relationship With A Libra

Libra (Sept 22-Oct 23)

When it comes to love relationships, what is it like to be in love with a Libra? Libras are the most gullible when in love. They are in love with the idea of everlasting love, which sometimes can lead to their destruction. At times, they do not see past the negative side of their partners, or even attempt to investigate. What they want to see and feel in a person is a fixed thing in their mind.

Furthermore, Libras have a jolly and flamboyant personality. They can easily get along with others. Even more so, they can flirt for countless hours if they have their eye on someone they like. They may not be the most loyal of lovers, but they can dispose of all of their past infatuations once the right person comes along.

They love their independence. They may be happy-go-lucky, but they want their personal space respected. They don't want anyone bossing them around, much less their partners.

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Positive Traits Of Libra Lover

Libras are very logical and never temperamental. They rarely pick any fights with their partners, and would rather keep all the worries and hurts to themselves. They don't want to hurt anyone, and are always the peace negotiators.

Aside from loyal lovers, Libras are also good listeners. Even if they do not know what to say or how to fix their loved one's problems, they would be inclined to stay no matter what. They are empathetic and true to their words.

Also, Libras are not emotionally inclined. They do not get hurt easily, which can help with having a healthier relationship. They see things rationally and don't just jump right to conclusions. They are frank, but that is a better way for them to sort their feelings out.

Lastly, Libras are innovative when it comes to loving. They love surprises and trying new things. They love to go to different places, try new foods, be with different groups of people, do interesting activities, and more. There are so many things that are going on in a Libras mind; any lover would never become bored with them.

Negative Traits of the Libra Lover

Libras are naturally lazy. They would prefer someone to do their work for them, so expect a lot of bossiness from a Libra lover. They may be intelligent, but they can be indecisive. It normally takes so much time before they can make up their mind. They have so many ideas swirling around as well as mixed emotions and confusion, which can sometimes wear out their partners.

Insecurity is a Libra trait. They may worship others, but they don't have the confidence to appreciate themselves. This can affect their relationship in a way that they can be too clingy, possessive, and jealous. However, just be patient. As soon as you fill them up with self-confidence, they will realize their mistakes and leave you be.

Libras are also complacent people. They will not move not unless they see urgency to. They can ignore warning signs, and only jump on the right road if they think things are going into chaos.

How To Attract A Libra

It is easy to catch a Libra's attention; all you have to do is to have a fun and interesting conversation with them. They love to talk about anything under the sun. Topics that are lively like sports and current events are sure to keep a Libra interested. They love being in the hot seat of the topic too. Someone who can ask the right questions about their interests, their works, their likes, and all the good stuff will surely be a winner for any Libra.

Libras are easygoing and are open to anything, even to big challenges. They love adventures, sleepless nights out, parties, and good company. Someone who can be as brave and outgoing as they can make a Libra fall over heels.

Don'ts with a Libra

Libras are calm and peace-loving individuals. They don't like entering heated arguments, especially with someone they truly care about. They would rather keep things silent and hide their raging emotions. You may never want to start any debate with a Libra; they can be patient, but are as furious as a raging bull when mad.

Libras are indecisive, so don't ask them to make decisions for you. It can take them a while to figure out things. Likewise, don't push Libras to the limit of being too possessive or jealous. They like their freedom and will be the first one to leave if they sense this trail going into their relationship.

Lastly, Libras like to be admired and to be the center of attention of everyone they love. Therefore, never lose your interest with them. If you want to have a lasting relationship with them, be their number-one fan. Keep your interest in everything they do, and you'll surely hold a big place in their heart.

What Libra Needs From Their Relationship

In a nutshell, Libras want a happy-go-lucky relationship. They don't want to incorporate too much seriousness in any of their relationships. Although, they can be loyal and faithful to their partners, they prefer it to run smoothly, no complications, and no hassles.

Aside from a carefree relationship, they also need a relationship founded on trust. Libras are free and independent individuals, so they don't like someone snooping around their everyday activities. They need someone who can trust them, even with a long-distance relationship.

Libras also want a relationship that can sustain their limelight. They need to express themselves with others, and be merry. They are easy-going people and are mostly in a group all the time. They need someone who can live with that without any complaints.

Lastly, Libras need someone who can relieve them of their insecurities. Although they are people persons, they have a side that lacks confidence within. They need someone who can constantly boost their ego. They need someone who can love and adore them without pretention and with all of their heart. Libras are easy to love and are far easier to treasure. They are definitely keepers, but you just know how to drive them.

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor